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Icue Problems


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I was using Corsair link with my commander mini for my 6 HD RGB fans and 6 Led strips and it was working fine.


Now i bought a new keyboard that needs icue so i had to install Icue.

And im having some problems.


Sometimes all my RGB units changes the colour to all white until i open icue and Disable SDK and Enable it again..like something else want to take over the units. I dont have any other RGB installed beside Icue. Maybe its because windows defender is blocking the app for changes..im testing it for now


The next problem is strange because i cant see my commander mini under devices..so i cant controle the rpm on my fans. Only if i install corsair link again but then Icue starts to mess up, so i cant have both apps installed it seems.


The last problem is when i reboot my pc then my Fans and Strips is set to default rainbow until Icue loads and sets my lights to my profile. At least corsair link could make my profile stay on the same settings on reboot and boot up..so why cant Icue that ?


Do i need to buy a commander pro in order to controle my fans rpm in icue ?

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