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I have a H150i Pro RGB XT AIO with the stock fans replaced with LL120 (white) fans. The AIO's performance is controlled through iCUE.


For the past 4 days, I've noticed that the fan noise levels are louder than usual when in Quiet Mode. When I monitored the performance, I noticed that irrespective of the performance option chosen - Quiet, Balanced, or Extreme - the AIO fan speeds are always in the 2300rpm range. However, the speed of my 5 case fans (also LL120 white controlled via iCUE) vary with the performance chosen.


Attachments are iCUE screenshots showing that the AIO fans speed does not change much with the performance mode chosen while the case fans speed do change.


What can be done to fix this?

So far, I've tried uninstalling iCUE, cleaning my registry, and re-installing iCUE.







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The quiet/balanced/extreme presets on the Commander Pro are different from the AIO. It is using a different control variable (CPU temp) and this tends to result in uneven fan response. You and everyone else should immediately move to a custom curve for the Commander. Using coolant temp, GPU temp, or the 10K sensor wires for the Commander will all provide more reliable control.


That said, the presets on the XT should work and “balanced” should not have the fans maxed at 28C. See if you can get manual control over them as suggested above. It could be a temporary glitch. You can try a full shutdown and flip the PSU off for 10-15 sec and reboot. However if the fans are stuck at max when CUE is running and when it is not (boot/shutdown), then you may need to flash the firmware on the XT to regain control — or contact Corsair Support.

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Thanks for the feedbacks. I setup a custom fan curve based on my CPU package temperature, but there has been no change in the AIO fans' speeds.


From the attached screenshot, you can see that my CPU package's temperature is at 32 degree Celsius while my fan curve has 10% speed for 30 degree Celsius and 20% speed for 40 degree Celsius.


I tried to force update the firmware for my AIO but that failed. I'm open to any other suggestions. Thank you.


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CPU temp is not the right control variable for the fan curves. That is going to create frequent and unnecessary fan shifts that do not help performance. However that’s not the problem at the moment.


The fan controller is locked up. Most people are able to resolve this by force updating the firmware. I am not sure why you cannot, but you’ll need to contact Corsair Support. In the meantime, you can move the three radiator fans off the AIO controller and back to the MB to get some relief from the noise.

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I currently have the same problem with same cooler.

Started a couple of days ago, was fine up until then.

Now fans go full bore, cannot change them at all. profiles do not work.

Pump is working correctly.

Tried to force update firmware but fails. Tried reinstalling software etc. etc.

Every now and again I hear the noise of a USB connect and disconnect "like when you use a USB Thumb Drive"

Which also affects the Keyboard colours.


This started a few days after installing the new iCUE 4 software.

Have tried going back to iCUE 3 Software but still the same even with deleting profiles and re making.


This seems to be a problem with these coolers lately.


Now i'm stuck with having to buy a new cooler until i can sort it out somehow as cannot do without PC.




MSI MAG Z490 Tomahawk

Corsair H150i PRO XT RGB Cooler

Corsair K95 RGB Motherboard

Corsair Harpoon RGB Mouse

Corsair Commander Pro

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  • Corsair Employees


I am sorry to hear that. There are a few things we can try to resolve this issue. I suggest we start by removing iCUE, and clearing all system files of iCUE, then reinstalling iCUE fresh. This can solve many issues you may encounter. Follow this guide for me, then Repair iCUE once complete.


Remove iCUE


Repair iCUE


If this does not resolve your issue I suggest ensuring that Windows, as well as any system drivers, are installed, and up to date.


Last, create a ticket and out support team can assist you with your cooler.

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