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Changing mode / polling rate - Katar Pro Wireless

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I just replaced my Logitech G305 with the Katar Pro since I already have a Corsair keyboard.

I am just not clear how to change the polling rate automatically. I can link a game to a profile but how do I have the mouse switch to 1000Hz with that profile. I prefer to use 125Hz, and when gaming switch to 1000Hz. But I don't see an option. Must I manually switch it to performance mode before I launch a game?



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Ah, ok. That's ok with me. With the logitech I was able to change the polling rate with software profiles. I'd just always keep the mouse in performance mode but have the polling rate set to 125Hz and use a software profile to switch it to 1000Hz per game executable. Worked 5 months like this on a rechargeable that was not fully charged to begin with.


Why do reviewers complain about AA batteries in favour of a built-in battery that dies and then you can't replace it a few years down the line? I still have a logitech G700s from 2014 thanks to the AA battery. I got this because of the AA battery (and the fact I could save my settings on the mouse and easily switch it for gaming and normal use without software installed). I only use rechargeables anyway. Just my 2 cents.

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