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I've recently purchased and installed a new H100i RGB Pro XT AIO Pump swapping it out with a previous H100i v2 and I'm having an issue with the RGB lighting on the pump not changing colors at all. I can confirm that they are plugged in properly, pump and fans are working and lights are turning on and showing up in iCue, but they are not receiving or updating lighting color no matter what I do.


The lights are stuck on a default Red Green Blue gradient that's initially showed up when connected. The device shows up in iCue correctly and I have the option to set the lighting however I want and it shows the preview in iCue, but it doesn't reflect in the pumps RGB lighting.


I've searched the forums everywhere for this problem and fixes to other related problems with this pump haven't helped resolve the issue.


Things I've tried:

-Updating/repairing iCue (previously v3.9 upgraded to 4.9.350)

-Updating the firmware to latest (iCue reports it at latest at 1.01.32)

-Reconnecting the USB cable to a different header on my MB

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This is the last time I remember this issue coming up.





I am still not sure if this is firmware or the cooler is not properly loading the profile. Based on what you have done so far, the next step might be to cut and paste the App Data/Roaming/Corsair folder to the desktop and then re-launch CUE to test a "fresh install". If it doesn't work, you can drop the profiles back in to put things back in place. I also would contact Corsair Support so the issue is documented at the very least.

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  • Corsair Employees

Sorry to hear you are having trouble. Follow this guide for me, and repair iCUE.




If you continue to have trouble please create a ticket with out support team.



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