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ICUE 220T help

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Hey all,


I currently have an ICUE 220T with a gtx 1070. I was hoping next year when the pandemic slows down and prices are back to normal to upgrade my gpu.


Unfortunately, the maximum GPU space on the case is 300mm and most of the graphics card exceeds the limits by a few mm. I have been searching on google and I found some individuals who were able to expand the gpu limit of the case ( up to 320mm), but I was never able to contact them for a step by step guide.


Therefore I made an acc here and post on the forums looking for help. If nothing works guess I just need to save for a new case!

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I almost bought that case but it's way too short for a large video card, I think it was as small as the Phanteks P300 that I wanted to replace, I ended up going with a different brand.


Although I went for a different brand, my 2nd option was going to be the 4000D, but if you are into or MUST have RGB, then the 4000X, that case is plenty big to fit any video card.

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The only option to get bigger graphics card into the case would be to remove the front fan(s) which will give you 25mm more (325 in total).


As Nazgul says, the 220T is quite a small case, so perhaps a 4000D/X or a 465X would be an alternative option. These have 360 / 370mm clearance for large GPU's.

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