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Two Endless Macros


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I want to make two macros:


First: click ''1'' 1000ms break ''3'' and repeat it after 30 seconds endless.


Second: ''v'' 250ms v'' and repeat it endless.


I've just do this but there is a problem. When I activete 1st macro and then second it works. But than the 1st masro is making second tour and it desable my 2nd macro. So when I start those two macros it looks like this: (''1'' 1000ms break ''3''), (''v'' 250ms break ''v''endless), after 30 seconds it looks like that: (''1'' 1000ms break ''3'' endless). So the 1st macro disables 2nd becouse 1st activates again. Is there a way to fix it? Maby the queue will work(1st 2nd 1st 2nd endless)?

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