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K100 using LAST hardware profile, not first when iCUE not running...

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Never mind. It seems when you load a new profile, that one is being automatically set as the default, by the keyboard, overriding what you already had set. Looks like I just needed to shut down iCue and select whatever hardware profile I want with the button on the keyboard and that becomes the default.



**Original Question**

So I thought that when iCue isn't running, keyboards that you can load onboard profiles to like the K95 and K100, are supposed to use the FIRST(aka profile 1) when iCue isn't running(like when booting up).


However, with my K100, it uses whatever the LAST profile loaded is. So if I have 1 profile loaded, it uses the first, if I load a second, it then uses the second. If I load a third, it then uses the third profile.


This get annoying because I am having to constantly rearrange my profiles to the one I want to use is the last one in the list.


Is it supposed to be that way?



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Hi Chuck,


Note that the hardware profiles are meant to be used when iCUE isn't running. For even more effects / software control, try configuring the lighting on the Lighting Effects tab (sometimes called Lighting Channel 1/2 depending on the device) instead of the hardware tab. That should give you full fidelity within iCUE itself.

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