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Lighting Issues (in game)

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Hi all, new here


Recently i built a new system that has a small issue.


The lighting on my H115i Elite Capellix seems to turn off when ever i play games such as The Division 2 or Farcry 5 but comes back on once im finished playing, i was wondering if there is a work around for this so that the H115i works in tandem with the case and ram lighting


I have tried both Icue 3x and 4x and they both seem to have this issue.


The fans for the cooling unit are connected to the commander core that came with with cooler and work perfectly when on the desktop with full control




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Both of those games have CUE/SDK lighting developed before the Elite series coolers were released. You can either disable the SDK in CUE settings to return lighting control to normal operations or you might be able to do the above and then import the game profile into your normal profile list. You could then add an appropriate color effect to match, but this is really just if you like the general colors. It will not be game reactive.
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