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HS75 XB Sidetone (Mic Monitoring)

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Hi all,


I have searched and read through the other threads regarding issues with this headset, however there isn't one that deals specifically with this problem, nor has there been an answer, so I thought it best to start a new one just for this problem alone.


When connected to my Xbox One or my Xbox Series X, the sidetone (mic monitoring) is very low, to the point I have to position the mic so that it is practically touching my lips, or even better just in my mouth, in order to get a decent volume level of myself talking. :[pouts:


With regards to the Audio controls via the consoles themselves, they are greyed out and it says control is via the headset... which is fine for volume and chat/game mix, and mute... but not for the sidetone...


I cannot adjust the sidetone at all... just not possible!


There is no adjust available via the Dolby Atmos app, and there is no iCue or similar Audio control app from Corsair on the Xbox Store, so how can it be adjusted? :brick:


This was present out of the box and after software update via USB connected to PC using current version of iCue (3.38.61 as writing this), so they are now Firmware v 3.0.3 (as writing this).


As the headset itself has been available for some time now, and it appears this has been the issue also for some time, as I can gather from this thread




The above was posted 26th November 2020!


I know things are tough everywhere right now thanks to the SARS-Cov-2 Virus, which unfortunately took my Dad, however when is there going to be a fix for these please?



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Hi Corsair Elito,


Many, many thanks for the very swift response, I was not expecting help so quickly


And thank you for your kind words, much appreciated.


I have done as you asked and submitted a ticket to the support team about this issue, including a link to this post and the post I linked that also refers to the same issue from some time ago.


Also, I will PM you shortly with the ticket number as per your request.


I hope we can get these issues resolved speedily, as apart from these issues, the Headset is perfect and a quality product at that.


Again, many thanks for all your help.

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3 hours ago, owenayy said:

Did your mic monitoring issue get resolved? I've updated the headset to the latest firmware and I still have to eat the mic to hear myself. 

Have you tried Mic Boost in iCUE yet? Please see KB article below for step-by-step directions:


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