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Turn off SDK ... with the SDK?


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I currently have a plugin for Razer controlling my corsair devices via the iCUE SDK. Obviously for this, the 'Enable SDK' in iCUE needs to be switched on.


I'm wondering if there's any command line interface, or existing SDK wrapper I could use, that would actually disable the SDK.


The reason being, I'd like to make a macro/keybind to stop the Razer plugin from controlling the Corsair devices, and have my normal iCUE profiles take over. But at the moment, turning off the plugin means that (with Enable SDK still turned on) the Corsair devices just go dark, and I need to manually turn off the SDK to resume normal operation.


So, is this even a possibility to disable the SDK from the SDK? or is there some other command line switch I could use. Or even just a keyboard shortcut that I coudl macro to open up the settings panel and tab to the right option?



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