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Fan #6 always running at 1700RPM

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I have had my PC for a while now and ever since I got my Corsair Commander Pro I have been having a problem with my 6th fan. I currently have 6 corsair ll120 fans all hooked up to a corsair commander pro, however whenever I go to change my fan speed the 6th fan, exhaust fan out of the back of the Corsair Crystal 570x, always stays at 1700 RPM. I have tried unplugging the fans and making sure the voltage is correct, but nothing seems to change.
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Make sure you are not running the default Quiet/Balanced/Extreme presets on the Commander Pro. They really don't react in the way you would expect and were intended for something else. Performance Tab + to create a custom curve. Use GPU temp, MB temp, or some other logical control variable besides CPU temp that has little impact or relation to case ambient temperature. It's also too dynamic for regular, non-irritating control.


This also will expose the fixed RPM and fixed PWM % options. That is a quick way to check if the fan is really unresponsive or just stuck at 1400-1700 like most people when using the default fan presets.

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