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Does Maximum GPU length include front fans installed?


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So I recently got my build, minus the gpu (for obvious reasons) and I am running my old gpu in the meantime. I have the Corsair 275r airflow case and the gpu that I'm looking at getting is the Aorus master RX 6800xt. The dimensions for the card are given as 60 x 140 x 324 mm (H x W x D). The 275r Airflow gives a maximum gpu length of 370mm, but I'm also running the H150i aio, so that adds 27mm for the radiator and 25mm for the fans, brining the total to 376mm. Am I really 6mm out, or does the max gpu length include the 25mm of space taken up by the fans, since it came with fans pre installed on the front? (Sorry if long winded question with easy answer)
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