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Corsair virtuosos Se mic not lighting up

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I have the virtuosos Se. The fact that the mic is green when on an red when muted bothered me since I am color blind and can't really tell the difference between them. Turns out there is no way to change the color of the mic even though when booting up it changes many colors, which means the led is capable of color changing. I bit the bullet there. I also have a corsair keyboard so I have different profiles for different lighting effects. The problem arouse when ever I changed profiles to have a different lighting effect for my keyboard. The headset started to say mic feedback on and off, which never happened under my other profile. I mess around in settings and find out there isn't anything I can do about that except to turn off voice prompts. I bite the bullet there. Now however my mic has no color for on and red for off. This was only for 1 profile for a bit, but now its for all of them. Is there any fix to any of these things???? I will stick to green and red if need be, but I want to see that my mic is actually on.


Edit:Still lost on how to disable mic feedback off/on, this is profile specific even though I made that profile before having the headset and didn't change any headset settings.

So I have figured out how to solve this so I will take this time to rant about how bad corsair software is.

Whenever I saw that the email verification for this website was case sensitive, that should have told me all I need to know, emails are not case sensitive there for any coder worth their salt would not make the verification case sensitive.

The lack of options for something that genially makes me struggle every time I use the product makes it clear that they do not care about customers. Color blindness isn't even that uncommon. It affects 1 in 12 men, and Red green color blindness is the most common. That's a significant portion of their customers that they just disregard. I say this because it would not be that difficult to add the option to customize the color of the mic. I know for a fact that color can change to multiple other colors to. It flows from blue to purple on boot up and has red a green, it is clearly a LED capable off at least 0 -255 RGB. This would make it capable of making hundreds of thousands of colors. Plus they already have the software to change the color so they just make a UI to access it, It could probably be done in a day by 2-3 people on the safe side, 1 guy 1 day is still generous.


This website also looks like its straight from 2006. Thinking about that makes me think they treat my data they same, So I googled corsair data breach and turns out they have the same mentality when it comes to cyber security. Scuf gaming (owned by Corsair) was hacked a little less than a year ago. I would not be surprised if their passwords were still admin, or what ever default values it has. This realization really makes me never want to buy corsair anything again. I value keeping my data secure but its quite clear corsair does not care. If this is the mask they put on, I don't even want to imagine how bad the internal software is.


This website is so UN-intuitive that I actually couldn't find this post, I had to go back to the forum and find it from the wild, instead of from my profile as ANY OTHER WEBSITE WOULD HAVE. The customer support is also just as bad, I send in a request about the mic color changing and never heard anything about.


If anyone read this far, this has been an adventure of me releasing steam and realizing that is in my best interest to never buy anything corsair again. I'd be much happier spending twice as much on the same exact product just so I don't have to deal with how bad the software is and worrying about my data security. I hopefully will never buy another corsair product. I doubt this will change anyone's mine, let alone the corporation. Buyers be ware.

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Hi Ghost,


Have you tried resetting the headset? I would suggest replacing the mic if the reset doesn't resolve the lighting issue. Could be an LED issue, does it cycle through the colors when it powers on?


To soft reset your headset make sure your mic is plugged in:

1. Make sure your headset is currently unplugged.

2. Make sure your headset is powered on.

3. Hold the Mute button on the headset down for about 15 seconds.

4. Switch the headset to wired mode and then back to wireless mode.


To disable mic feedback on and off hold the mute button for 2 seconds.



Unfortunately, yes the the LED on the headset does have the capability of an RGB range of color, but due to a limitation of the software it wasn't added as an addressable LED.


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They can be found here: https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us


Our company takes our Privacy Policy very seriously, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to out support team.


Here's our privacy policy



You can contact Support @ https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us

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