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Acronis True Image causing trouble with iCue


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I've been chasing down high CPU usage by iCUE-related processes for a couple days now and finally pinned it on the most recent update to Acronis True Image 2021.


Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote and Corsair.Service.Display.Adapter were each using 8-10% of CPU -- 100% of core0 which brought my idle temps up 8-10 degrees C.


Also, system information disappeared from the iCue dashboard.


Removing True Image brought things to normal and the two services are now reported as using between 0.0 and 0.5%.


I am following up with Acronis tech support, but wanted to post this here in case it's helpful to anyone. I had initially thought it was an issue with V4 of iCue.


edit: Build 35860 of True Image works fine with iCue. Must be their new "active protection."

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