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K100 Polling Rate Adjustment

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Hello Guys,


I recently bought the Corsair K100. I think the keyboard is amazing. However, I noticed when adjusting the polling rate you have to physically open the iCue to adjust the polling rate.


Would be great if we can add this in the G keys or when you're a different profile you can save what settings you want to have for the polling rate. Kinda like the same idea with the mouse where you can adjust the mouse DPI by just click of a button.


@corsair please help this new update :biggrin:

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changing the poll rate reinitiates the whole keyboard connexion so it's not really practical to have it as a shortcut on the keyboard.

It's also not a setting you need to change on the fly as opposite to the mouse sensitivity (which is different from mouse poll rate).

Just set it to the highest setting you're comfortable with (some users reported higher CPU usage on iCUE with high poll rate).

set and forget

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