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iCUE 3.38.61 Patch Notes

Corsair James

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iCUE v3.38.61 Patch Notes::


  • Resolved an issue with updating HS70XB
  • Resolved an issue with language detection on install
  • Resolved an issue with KATAR Wireless undergoing a pairing issue after a firmware update
  • Resolved an issue with ASUS and NVIDIA FE GPU showing up simultaneously
  • Resets to Default for Sleep Timers have been added for all new KATAR (2020) mice
  • Updated all URLs to use https://
  • ASUS plugin was updated to v1.2.2
  • Resolved an issue with profile switching not working when retain original is enabled
  • Resolved various minor bugs and issues

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ADDED an issue with failure to detect RGB fans in Corsair Commander Pro.

Detects them fine as far as lighting goes, but removes them from performance setup (setting fan speeds, and showing them on Dashboard) :mad:


Reverting back to previous, WORKING, version!

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Can you please DISABLE update notice when using hardware not compatible with 4.x? I mean when I click look for update, it should only propose 3.x not 4.x or my mouse won't have all the feature v.3 permits. I have to remain on 3.x forever because I use a Sabre mouse.
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Can you please DISABLE update notice all together since most of the updates just break comfortable working setups anyway? So friggin annoying!


Just use a dotted notification icon on the system tray or something like Discord messages; then remove it once the user has read it...

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i have a gtx 2070 super and a ryzen 3900x and cant edit my macros while playing AGE OF EMPIRES 3 , icue promt no responding message each time i try to edit something, or i can edit them but its really slow, its not fluent i press akey and it its reflected ont he system like 3 seconds afeter.. All this started after i updated from the previous version (i dont remember what versionw as , but the last version change all the visuals on the icue program) Edited by babbul
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will you provide a fix for iCUE 3.38.61 application crash?

This is happening after a few PC sleep and wake up cycles.
To reproduce crash, you need to right click on iCUE icon in system tray and click 'Bring to foreground'.

It seems to be caused by buggy QT 5 Core shared library dynamically linked by iCUE.exe.
This library is bundled as DLL within iCUE 3.38.61  software package.

The crash happening a lot, and because of this issue AIO pump works on lowest RPMs after crash.
I was hoping it gets eventually fixed but now iCUE 4 appeared.
I can't update since my hardware is no longer supported by version iCUE 4.

Crash details.

Faulting application path: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Corsair \ CORSAIR iCUE Software \ iCUE.exe

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: iCUE.exe
Application version:
Application timestamp: 60426abe

Error module name: Qt5Core.dll
Module version with the error:
Timestamp of the module with the error: 5e7dfb32

Exception code: c0000005  // Access violation , null pointer dereference
Exception offset: 001a06c8

OS version: 10.0.19043.

Locale ID: 1045
Additional information 1: 2beb
Additional Information 2: 2beba6fb4680d73a8c78ca7c24ccdb46
Additional information 3: 6c14
Additional information 4: 6c14eabbec4a762ea0aea5a3f0c42228


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