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Corsair Virtuoso SE Audio Crackle after Windows 20H2

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After installing the 20H2 update for windows, (Build Version 19042.870) my audio through the corsair Virtuoso SE in wireless mode has become completely unusable.


This affects both the mic audio quality and earphone audio quality.


The Mic Audio is unusably crackly and laggy when using the default 24Bit 48000Hz setting, and only becomes usable at 24 Bit 44100 Hz. So with that change made, it is workable.


The audio through the wireless playback crackles at random.


I have tried:


  • Completely reinstalling the drivers.
  • Completely reinstalling icue and the drivers
  • Changing icue version
  • Soft resetting the headset
  • Re-pairing the headset
  • Using Stereo Only
  • Using Dolby Atmos
  • Using Windows Spatial Sound
  • Using 7.1 output from icue.
  • Changing the USB Port (Normally plugged into ST-100, plugged directly into USB port of motherboard).
  • Changing the bitrate to every possible setting.


I made no changes to the audio settings or USB settings, but noticed that following the windows update a tool tray icon informed me drivers for the headset were being updated.


Is this a known bug with the new windows update? Is anyone else also experiencing this?

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Sounds like maybe you are running an AMD system?




If so, update your BIOS.


Interesting, this may be it. Thank you for the notice.


The issue went away but has returned so something like this seems plausible. If that doesn't resolve it, I will open a ticket as suggested.


Thank you both.

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