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Corsair K68 not USB-HID standard compliant?

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Hi all,


around two years ago, I replaced my trusty old Cherry G80-1000 (no Windows Keys :biggrin:) with a Corsair K68, to stay with the good old Cherry MX-Red that I like so much.


My main PC is a Xeon E5-2683v3 on an Asus X99E-WS and works perfectly in both, UEFI and Windows 10.


My legacy tool PC is a Core2Quad Q6600 on an Asus P5KR, which I would like to use with the same keyboard, using a USB Switch/Hub (2 Hosts switchable, 4 Devices). This PC will work perfectly with the K68 in Windows 7 and XP (Dual Boot), but not in the BIOS/Bootloader environment. Meaning to configure the BIOS or to select boot mode between 7 and XP, I need either a PS/2 keyboad or another USB Keyboard (a cheap Logitech wireless kit works perfectly also in BIOS/boot menu). This can't be it.


I arranged with this for some time, using for the time being the second keyboard on the Q6600, but in the meantime, as I am also deep into retro-computing (dreaming of a KVM switch to access anything from PC-XT to the Xeon), I looked for other solutions and started developing with an Arduino Mega 2560 with USB Input shield. So what shall I say? The Arduino can properly detects any USB Keyboard except the Corsair K68.


So what is wrong with this keyboard? Is there a firmware update? (found nothing on Corsair website) Any recommendation for other MX-Red keyboards that work as a proper USB-HID-Keyboard also with older computers?

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Hi Dark_Lord,


The solution / answer here, is that all our keyboards have a baked-in "BIOS MODE" that will disable all software and firmware frills and RGB, and makes the keyboard work in a BIOS / UEFI environment.


For your K63, you simply need to unplug your keyboard, hold down B+L and plug the keyboard back in. That will enable the BIOS mode, which can be disabled with the same shortcut.


If you're still having trouble, please do feel free to open a ticket with support using the link at the top of the page, and we'll have the technical specialists give you more personalized support.

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