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AX760 random shutdown, retaining power

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I have a Corsair AX760 power supply that i was using for around 5 years on 2 PC builds without any issue until this week, when I am playing or using any intense render software the PC turns slow an then shutdown, I let rest for awhile (10 mins) and try to power up again and the Power supply makes some strange noise, like if it is retaining power or something. I really dont know whats going on with the power supply but is presenting this strange behaviour during this week and its impossible to work or play on the computer.

The only solution that worked for me is unplugging all cables and letting rest the PSU for about +1 hr.


I made this testing immediatly after the shut down and doesnt work ([ame]



I hope that someone could help


Best regards, Martin Herrera

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The AX760 is maybe 10 years old now. While good its past its best before date.


Probably time for a new PSU.


Thats right but maybe he bought from a retailer o reseller at that date, so the PSU should be still fine o not?


I mean... the standard warranty of this class of PSU is 10 year o so?


Maybe some capacitor or daugtherboard, but it still weird that sudden fail of these PSU's...


Maybe some more technical help or assitance should be fine to solve this...


good luck

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The AX760 has a 7 year warranty on it


Seeing this, and considering that no one of corsair support appeared to help, this guy should process an RMA and have the proof of payment from the date that the PSU was purchased in order to make effective the warranty.


Best regards and good luck...:idea:

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