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Are you serious? Corsair site maintenance

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I just got headphones made by them, and in the manual it said to get the software drivers from https://www.corsair.com/support/downloads , and yet meanwhile, the site is down right now.


Does this mean that it's been down for days and days, or just the exact day I get these headphones? Seriously? And why can't they still have drivers available for download while they do maintenance?? Not fair for customers.

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Downloads are at https://www.corsair.com/us/en/downloads


It looks like the link in the HS60 Pro manual (corsair.com/support/downloads) is a redirect to the download page. I've been able to reproduce your issue, and also get it to work. Thanks for reporting this. I'll send it up the chain.


What OS / browser are you using? Also, are you using private / incognito mode?

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