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Commander Core wont show up in iCUE


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I recently finished my 10 Fan Build.


3 fans from my iCUE h150i Elite Capellix + 3 other ML 120 RGB pro fans are connected to the commander core, which is connected to the motherboard via the usb header.


The other 4 fans (also ml 120 rgb pro) are connected via the commander pro + rgb fan hub to the second usb header on my motherboard.


When I start the iCUE Software only the commandere cro with his 4 fans and the H150i Elite Cappelix show up, but no commander core.


Is this normal behaviour ?


If I check the Elite Capellix, I see also the additonal 3 fans that are connected with it to the commander core. So iCUE grouped all 6 fans together under the Elite Capellix. I thought the commander core would show up as a seperate device in iCUE.




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Nope, that's how it shows up in iCUE. If you disconnect the cooler, it'll show up as a Commander Core but with the cooler connected, it shows up as the cooler.

It's different but kinda makes sense - you can't run the cooler without the Commander Core so it doesn't make sense to show the cooler by itself.

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