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H150 Elite Capellix issues

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Motherboard: X570 Aorus Ultra

Processer: AMD 5 5600X

Ram 32gb G.skill

OS. Win 10 64bit


So i was forced to replace my case due to a accident. My H150 was working in this build just fine before moving it over. Now its RGB is gone and it dos not show up in Icue HOWEVER it is running and dos adjust if my CPU is underload so i am at a lost as to what i should do.


Things i have done.

Change PCI lane over to gen 3

Checked Bios Fast boot is off, Handoff is on

Changed the port my Commander pro was pluged into.

went into my Device list in settings and reset the commander pro.

used USBdeview to see if it is connected, hard to tell but it appears to


PLEASE NOTE i am a Noobie with this stuff so pictures or links to explanations would be greatly appreciated


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  • Corsair Employees

Hello there! Make sure you reconnected the USB connector to your motherboard's USB header after you did the swap. Also to confirm, does the Capellix show in iCUE at all? Do you see a Commander Core instead? Is the RGB completely dark on the pump and fans or just the pump, or just the fans?


If you could please create a ticket here, we can look into this closer for you!


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A minor update The pump has fully died, after checking the commander pro i saw that the pump was not seated into it fully after replugging it in, It had light but the pump was not reading at all, Well the pump was still trying to work it was so weak it could not handle a stock amd 5 5600x, i have since started the RMA process thu the site i bought it from.


Thank you both for replying!


PS: I tried multiple things to get it to come back even if Only in BIOS. and i messed with everything i have seen on here top to bottom and checked the cords multiple times. swapped sata cords, Replugged it in, Reinstalled Icue, Reinstalled windows the full works, sadly the pump is just dead now.

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