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Virtuoso headset tinny sound on PS4

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I'm currently having problems with the audio on my Virtuoso SE headset. I use a PS4 with my headset, but the sound is terrible compared to cheap headsets I also own. The best way to desribe it is tinny/ no stereo. I've checked my connection, my iCUE software, and everything is fine there. I've tried both wireless and wired, but the sound is the same. I'm not convinced that they're very compatible with PS4 than they are PC. I've tried different EQ settings, but I'm having no luck. I'm having as much luck trying to get in contact with Corsair customer service, as there only seems to be a phone number for the US and not Europe.


Could anyone please help as I feel like I've wasted my money and wish I'd stuck wth a cheaper headset.


Many thanks

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