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Help Needed. Does your Corsair One have Factory Label?

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Hi Guys,


I purchased my Corsair One in 2019 June. Recently my Corsair had an issue (i.e., Blue Screen and PC Crashing), so I have visited local Corsair Service Center to get it fixed via RMA program. (BTW, I live in Hong Kong).


The representative investigated my PC, and they mentioned that it may not be eligible for RMA because the "factory label" is not there. I was a bit baffled, because I have never touched the main portion of the PC before- I only opened the fan, and the both wings to clean the dusts.



While looking for some solutions, I found this youtube link:[ame]



saying that if your product is UK Version (I assume mine is UK Version because the Serial Number ends with - "UK". Mine is CS-???????-UK), then there is no factory label.



- For guys who purchased the product in HKG- Do you see the factory label for your Corsair One i 160?


- For guys whose Serial Number looks like -"UK" - do you guys not see the factory label?


- I truly have never opened the inside. Is there way for me to prove this? I dont mind sending my PC over to prove that I did not open.


I am just very baffled and sad, because I really liked my PC and never had issue up until very recently. I would be looking forward to reading your responds.


Thank you very much.

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Hi, I'm from HK and the serial number is also "-UK".


I bought it from an authorized retailer with a warranty.


Yes, there are factory labels to prevent you from opening the sides.


Based on my understanding, we can open the top cover to replace fans. But opening up the sides will void the warranty.


See that silver labels with the Corsair logo, that's the "factory label".



india map png images

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Warranty void if removed stickers aren't actually enforceable in the US, GamersNexus did a video on it if IIRC.


You can't be denied warranty just because the sticker is broken. They have to prove that it wasn't a manufacturer defect (ie: you broke it ) in order to deny warranty repair

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The OP is from Hong Kong, not in the USA. So the laws are different.


Can Corsair staff confirm that the service center in Hong Kong will accept RMA without the stickers?


I want an official statement too. Then I can open up the sides if needed.

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