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Context menu freezes - Win10


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Just to say after installing iCue on Monday, I had to restore my system today since the "Open with" context menu was freezing. It's the only new software I have installed since a long time (months wise).


Also my opinion is rather negative towards your software, for few reasons, that brought me to uninstall it within 2 hours:

- More than 1 GB of HD space required for a software enabling/disabling LEDs on peripherals?

- Had to disable NVidia Web Helper; Even if this is not an essential component, it is still part of an important product used by millions of users, and most probably by some Nvidia services itself.

- And now the issue with Windows Explorer's context menu


I downloaded iCue in the hope to find more tools and configurations for my RGB mouse, which has become problematic with the scrolling, I was not interested in configuring a discotheque...alas that's only what there was to it. Have to admit though, some of the lighting are really nice, especially for my keyboard.


But seriously, this iCue is way too much invasive for the purpose it has to serve, it's...suspicious.

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