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Trying to wrap my head around RGB, and the setup.


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Hey there,


I'm looking to start a new PC build soon. It's been over a decade since I've really been active in the PC building scene. I'm trying to wrap my head around getting the RGB setup. This is what im running with.


Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL


HX1000i PSU

H150 Cappelix 360mm (Push/pull config)

3x ML 120 fans (mounted to the backside of the rad)

7X QL120 Fans (3 bottom, 3 top, and one rear exhaust)


This is where my head is at right now.


Commander Core:

Connected via USB header to mobo

6x - Power for the fans in the push pull setup

4X RGB Fans controlled (3 x ML RBG fans, 1x QL Fan)


Commander Pro

Connected via USB header on mobo

6x Fan Power

1 Header out to H1000i pus

1 Header out to Lighting node core which will handle the rgb on the other 6 fans.



That leaves one fan without power. So I figure that could just be connected to the mobo via fan header? unless there's a way I can fit it on the commander pro?


Bottom line though, am I inline with this setup at all?


Love to hear some feedback!

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The 7th fan is always the killer. Grouping it with the other ML-Elite (8 LEDs) is probably the best option. It will make the those ML-E act a bit weird on sequential effects, but since the side wall is somewhat non-contiguous with the rear it may not matter too much. Static effect or stationary fan effects will work fine and I find that works better for this particular arrangement in the XL with QL top/bottom. You could take a second LN Core from the QL packs and give the 1 QL it's own channel, but I would try grouping with the ML-Elites first. It would be yet another SATA and USB connection for 1 fan.


Fan power/control - You can get a Commander Pro and use the fan control headers for the 6 QL. There are 6 more on the Commander Core, so you can park the extra QL over there or get a 2 way PWM splitter for one of the Commander Pro headers. You'll still be safe on fan current. However, aside from that the Commander Pro doesn't have any lighting duties in this set-up and those will all be on the Commander Core and Lighting Node Core. We often suggest using power PWM hubs to offload groups of fans while issuing PWM signals from 1 header from the Commander. This is especially useful in case with large banks of 3/4 fans where there is no reason to run them at different speeds. However, there is one quirk that might make the Commander Pro worth the expense. You are not going to have any RGB Lighting Channels on the Core devices. Those are for fans only. If you need RGB strips, it must go to a lighting channel from a "Pro device" (either Commander Pro or Lighting Node Pro). The front strip on the case is a 30 LED strip. That can be incorporated in CUE with a 3rd party adapter as well as Hydro X parts or other 5v D-RGB devices. If you need the RGB channel, then the Commander Pro makes more sense vs PWM Hub + obtaining a Lighting Node Pro.

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If you are looking to power the actual fan itself, and not the RGB, then you can use a Y splitter or two to get extra fans, but I wouldn't use more than 2 splitters per Commander.


If you need RGB power for your fans, You will need to have another controller as the Commander Core can only control the RGB of one series of fans at a time. So all ML or all QL.

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