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Hardware profile questions


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Hello, I'm doing some pre-planning for a new PC and I have a couple of questions about hardware profiles that I'm having trouble finding out the answers to.


My current plan is to get a H115i Elite Capellix and add some extra fans (hopefully the 8 LED variants of the ML fans will be available before I start buying) but looking at a couple of reviews, some people were complaining about having the rainbow effect happen before the iCUE software is started. As far as I understand this is handled by the Hardware Profile / On-board profile, but although I could confirm that the Commander Pro supports this I couldn't actually find a definitive answer to whether the Commander Core that comes with the H115i Elite does.


So, can anybody confirm, one way or another, if the Commander Core supports a hardware profile?


My second question relates to fan curves and hardware profiles.

  • I believe that with iCUE running I can create a fan curve for any fan (attached to a Corsair product) based on the temperature of any sensor (more or less) in the system. So if I want to control my rear fan based on the temperature of the second Seagate on the right, I can, but this only works when iCUE is running
  • I also believe that a fan curve will work when iCUE is not running as long as I only use sensors attached to the Corsair product controlling the fan. That is, if I attached a temperature sensor to the Commander Core and taped it to the HDD from before, I can use that as the temperature source for the fan curve and it will work without iCUE running (i.e. during sleep / boot). I understand that it would only be the 2 sensors on the Commander Core that this would work with and the fan would have to be attached to the same device.
  • If I've got both of these right, can I set up both a normal and a hardware fan profile such that when iCUE is running it uses one sensor (say the real HDD sensor) but when iCUE is stopped it would fall back on the hardware profile (in the same way that the RGB lights do) and would use the attached sensor instead so the fans are controlled, abet not as well?


I understand that this is probably a strange question but I'm interested in whether I can still have controlled cooling if I drop out of software control.

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