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H115i Not showing in iCUE4

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So before I formatted my machine, I was using iCUE 3 and my H115i appeared as expected. I then formatted Windows (unrelated) and noticed iCUE 4 was a thing, so installed that and...no H115i?


I used Nirsoft's USBView and I can see the device in there just fine, all enabled and everything.


So I uninstalled iCUE 4 and installed iCUE 3, boom, H115i appears straight away.


So is this a known issue in iCUE 4? For the sake of Corsair's knowledge it's the original H115i with the USB 2.0 cable plugged into one of the USB headers on a Commander Pro.


I'd love to be able to use iCUE 4 as it looks a lot better, but can't until I can get my CPU cooler on it :)

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The H115i/H110i GTX model and its generational counterparts are not compatible with CUE 4.


Note that iCUE 4.0 will no longer support the following devices:

Keyboards: K66

Mice: Sabre, Sabre RGB, Sabre RGB Optical, Sabre RGB Laser, Katar, Scimitar

Headsets: Void USB, Void Wireless, Void Surround

AIO Coolers: H80iGT, H100iGTX, H110iGTX, H80i v2, H100i v2 and H115i, H110iGT, H110i



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