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Commander Pro still conflicting with HWInfo64?

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So I have the Commander Pro and am trying to set up a fan curve for my fans through iCue. I am able to set up the fan curve along with which fans it affects. The problem is, I also notice that the fans don't increase in RPMs when my CPU temps increase. I use HWInfo through my Stream Deck to monitor temps and stuff. I know HWInfo and iCue had conflicts when it came to fan curves, but is that still an issue? Is there anyway I can implement these fans curves without having to uninstall HWInfo?
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In HWiNFO click and disable the monitoring of Corsair internal devices (Commander Pro, Corsair "i" PSU, AIO, etc. You may need to restart the Corsair service after launching HWiNFO. That program also will warn you about the conflict and offer to disable them automatically (until you tell it to ignore).


However, you may also want to find a different control variable besides CPU temp. Case fan speed has little bearing on that value and is going to lead to dynamic fan speed shifts even when everything is working correctly. This is especially true with recent CPUs. GPU temp is a quick fix with known values and has a lot more influence on the case ambient temperature than the CPU. The best possible source are the temp probes for the Commander and exhaust air temp from the rear is a pretty good metric. However, it requires some time to learn the range of normal operation temps and it is also sensitive to movement. Pick a spot and stick with it. It's the change rather than the absolute value that is important.

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