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Corsair XG7 FE vs XG7 SE


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I have acquired a new XG7 FE water block. (CX-9020005-WW)


I have a MSI Ventus 2080ti, which I have read in the forums works with that water block. When I went to Corsair's configurator it tells me I need CX-9020010-WW.


What is the difference between the FE and the SE models? Will I still be and to use the FE block (CX-9020005-WW) on my Ventus?

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It depends on which Ventus model you have.

There are three known MSI 2080 Ti Ventus models:

  1. Ventus - compatible with both, CX-9020005-WW or CX-9020010-WW
  2. Ventus GP - compatible only with CX-9020010-WW
  3. Ventus OCV1 - not compatible with any


SE has an additional cutout on the black cover to allow installation on PCBs that have a third DP connector instead of USB-C.


Make sure to check on which specific Ventus model you are using.

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