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Missed todays sale on the ML120 elite capellix fans


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Got the email at 3am...had "one" in my cart (limit one) at 7am...got my coffee and credit card and back to computer before 7:30am...and sold out! and my cart empty...(very disappointed!)



My question...

H115i elite capellix....

Can I pull the fans off of it and just put QL or LL fans on the cooler?


Tired or the struggle/wait to buy fans to match my systems fans.


Can I just toss these new ML fans that came with these coolers (built my son and myself both computers) and replace them with QL or LL fans...and run the QL/LL fans off the "new commander core" ???


Tired of waiting on the update...

can't get fans...

can I just toss these things?


Reason for asking...all the research I did, I did read "you shouldn't replace the ML fans" on the elite capellix coolers....Didn't really say why though???


Well, they're useless to me when I can't get matching fans to match the rest of my "two" systems...and you can't mix and match fans on the "new commander core"...


I should have returned both coolers while I could...past that 30day in store policy now :(:





I know the ML120's don't fit the cooler....I need 3 120's to finish/match the fans in both computers...So want to pull the fans off the coolers!???

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fan size...
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