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Corsair 5000x fan hub pwm cable

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Good morning everyone and sorry if i may missplace my question first of all.


I'm kinda new to building pc so i'm not that familiar with some type of cable connection so here's the question:


The corsair 5000x has 2 hub in the back, one for rgb and one for powering the fans. The one powering the fans has 2 cables, one that goes to sata and the other one ( 4pin named pwm cable ) that i have no idea where i have to connect it.


Do i need to connect it to a channel fan of the motherboard or it is not needed to be connected?



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it's the speed control cable. it's usually conected to the CPU_FAN header on the motherboard.

That will allow the motherboard to control all the connected fans as if they were one.

SATA provides the 12V to all fans, PWM cable provides PWM signal to control fan speed.


You'll be able to set the speeds either in BIOS, or with the Asrock software within windows

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