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Hello all,


Is anybody body having problem with the Iron Claw RGB Wireless being overly sensitive? When compared to my Razer Naga MMO Mouse from 2009, it jitters too much I and won't stay on target like my older mouse does. I am using the same X/Y settings that I use and polling rate that I use on my ancient Razer.I am not using angle snapping. When I am aiming down site, and laying down fire, it seems like it jitters and goes off target for a second. I am also using it in wired mode.


Thanks for any help you may provide!



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Hi ZugzwangGroo,


It could be possible that different mice from different brands might have a slightly different sensitivity but I can't say for certain. Generally they should all be the same. At the same time, you're also comparing the Ironclaw RGB Wireless to a Razer mouse from 2009, over a decade's time hardware and software can also change quite a bit.

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