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New computer with 3 different types of fans

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Hi guys and girls!


I hope you'd a nice year so far!


My girlfriend just bought a ICUE 5000X case and she loves it. She already had 3x QL120 fans and she got 3x ML120 from me and the case has 3x SP120 Elite fans... So the RGB is a mess since we cannot connect all of them in a easy way right..?


So my question is:


How do we solve this the most easy way? Is it via a commander pro and 2x lightning node cores?


Best regards,


a confused ekan :)

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Yes, in order to make all 3 different fan types work the way they were intended, you would need a separate lighting controller for each LED count. QL=34, ML Pro=4, SP-Elite=8.


You can combine stuff and get away with some basic non-fan to fan effects, but the QL are difficult for that because of the high count and unique fan effects. The ML-Pro and SP-Elite could be combined if absolutely necessary and the 3 ML at the end become 1/2 of an Elite fan. If you gave her 3 ML-Elites from a Capellix Elite cooler, you are in good shape since those are 8 LEDs and can be combined with SP-Pro and SP-Elite that are also 8 LEDs.

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Hey there, you may be able to get the ML and SP series to work on the same controller, but it's not guaranteed. ideally, you would want a Commander Pro with 2 RGB hubs, then use a Node Core that would have come with a 3 pack for the 3rd set of fans.
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