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Capillex fans delayed to start on pc startup then stop again before staying on?

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I have a 360mm Capellix that when I boot my PC the fans are delayed to start spinning for a good 15 seconds or more.

Once they start spinning for about 15 seconds they then stop again for around 10 seconds before starting up again and staying on.

I also have 6 other corsair fans in my case that are hooked to a commander pro that run just fine no issues with delayed start or stopping.

Does anyone else have this problem or is this just how these new capellix coolers run?

It didn't do it for the first few days it was installed now it does it every boot.

I got a replacement commander core but this has not fixed anything.

Also went through troubleshooting with support and nothing has changed.

I originally had the H1000i platinum in my case and this one did not do this.

Will add when I swapped over the commander core and first turned it on the pump and fans were flashing red. the only way I got this stopped was to uninstall then reinstall icue and then restart my pc, this never happened when I originally put the cooler in the first time.

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My capellix fans do this, they start on power on, then turn off for 5 seconds or so whilst Windows is loading, and then start spinning again. Never really saw it as a problem but it did strike me as odd.


I figure a few moments from a cold boot without the AIO fans spinning isn't going to be enough to cause a noticeable temperature spike.

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