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what is the purpose of the iCUE software?


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Hello everyone, i'm new here!


I have one question, what really is the purpose of the iCUE software?


I mean, i just built my new workstation and i've chosen to use the H100i RGB PRO XT, 240mm. So i don't really undertand the complexity of the software, but most of all, what would be the purpose of having just fixes discerete controls for the fan speed? Looks liek the fan speed can not be controlled by the BIOS, because the BIOS reads another value of RPM which does not have anythig to do with real speed of fans or either PUMP. So, i want my fans to run faster and faster as i start rise temperature, but with this software i can not do anything this kind. So, unless for chane color of pump (which i din't really care at all), what's the purpose of the software? Looks like the fans are slow responding to the temperature rising, how can i correct this? Thanks

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As the video Zotty shared shows you can either use any of the presets for the fan or create your custom-curve. The fans for your cooler often react to the water-temperature instead of CPU-temperature which makes the fan-curve "smoother".
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