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Help Installing ll120 fans in Corsair 220t case with sp120 pro

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Hey guys first off this is my first build, and I don’t know why fan lights are the hardest part for me. my problem is Last night I bought a single LL120 fan and plugged it into the rgb hub that came with the case, that powers the sp120 pros that came stock. Assumed Corsair fan would work with the other Corsair fans, but found out they don’t.

After some research on this forum last night (also read the FAQ links about lights that the mods post for others) and I realized I needed another rgb hub and the node pro to make it work. So I bought the 3 pack kit of LL120 so I could have this,

3 stock sp120 pro on front of case

2 LL 120 to replace non rgb fans on my water cooler radiator

1 rear ll120 fan


So my problem now is I assumed (and that was my downfall) the rgb hub that the sp120 are hooked to would connect to the node pro. As well as the new ll120s. But the stock rgb hub has Sata wires and usb 2.0 for motherboard connection. How do I get that to hook to the node pro?


I wanted to just hook up the new node to my motherboard (separate from the sp120 pro hub) and try it but I don’t have another usb 2.0 connector available because my cpu cooler needs it for it’s display. How can I combine the different fan models and sync them all in icue with what I have?

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The hub from the case is a Lighting Node Core. This is a 1 channel controller and power hub in 1 package. The Lighting Node Pro is a 2 channel controller, but you need a separate power hub (RGB Lighting Hub) for each channel of fans.


This means you either need a USB 2 hub to combine your existing controllers onto one MB port or you need to find a second RGB Lighting Hub so you can use both channels on the Lighting Node Pro. Both are around $10 USD, but the RGB hub can be hard to find and is subject to 3rd party price gouging. I don’t see a clear tactical gain one way or the other, so you can decide on price/availability. If you get the usb hub instead, that does leave the 2nd channel open for LED strips or potentially other 3rd party RGB devices that don’t use RGB hubs.

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