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SATA Power Cable for RM850x


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Just got and installed an RM850x. The SATA cables though are in that ribbon Line shape and don't really fit into my SSDs properly.


What I mean is, they connect but I can't screw in the SSDs into the bottom of the case so now they're lose and looking nasty as all hell.


I want to get another SATA Power cable shape like the ones for my older PSU that are more horizontal coming off the wire that vertical. If that makes any sense.


So which ones are compatible with that PSU. I'm worried I'll get the wrong SATA as there's like a few different generations now and bork my drives or something.


Go easy on me please

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It would actually end up neater. At the moment I have two large Ribbons with 3 and 4 sata connectors coming out of the PSU. With those I can drop one and still have the SSDs sitting flush on the bottom my only worry is if it's kinda dodgey.


Seems weird to be to have all this amazing super power tech and then these two cheapo things



Any risk involved? Can it damage my drives, or worse, my system is something goes wrong?



EDIT: Ok disregard below, I did some research and I won't be touching any splitters... ever. But what the extender above? Is it dodgey? Can they lead to something baaaaad?

What about these splitter looking things, are these even more dodgey?


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I have several 5-way SATA splitters in my rig and run them all off a pair peripheral cables. The disks are usually not spinning so the load is negligible most of the time.


I use an extension to connect my Corsair Commander which handles some fans and thermal sensors.

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Well do it, you've been at it for 2 days :p

it's just sata extensions for SSDs. they are not going to carry any significant current.

N1 is from a shop i used in the past, no worries. I wonder if it's not the very extensions i use to power a Commander pro for my laptop :) too lazy to look it up.


Get those SSDs spinning !

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