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Asus WRX80E 8 Channel Memory Timing Setup

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Just made a beast of a system (my forum profile system shows the details including RAM) and am looking for help with memory setup as this BIOS appears to be sever-tier in a lot of ways and expects deep familiarity with a lot of technical terminology, especially in the memory department. Been making PCs for 20 years, but this is a bit over my head.


I don't see DOCP listed anywhere in the BIOS so I'm under the impression I need to set all timing information manually. I've tried 3 things:

1.Setting the memory frequency (1600mhz)

Result: Success

2.Setting the CAS Latency manually

Result: Fail, requires CMOS reset.

3.Setting the CAS, Trcdrd, Trcdwr, the PRE time, and the ACT Time manually

Result: Fail, requires CMOS reset.


Currently the default "auto" settings for everything in bios results in 22-22-22-53 on sticks that should support 16-20-20-38.


Any help setting this up would be greatly appreciated. There are 20-30 memory timing settings in BIOS and I am pretty lost. The platform just released to consumers a couple weeks ago so info is hard to come by online.

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Thanks for the response.

Yeah, the BIOS doesn't look anything like those at that link unfortunately.


I don't really need help navigating the BIOS, just a list of the memory specs to plug into BIOS which I don't expect ASUS would be able to provide me with, only Corsair.


Whatever the DOCP timings would be for the CMW256GX4AM8E3200C16 kit are what I'm looking for so that I can input them all manually. If you would like me to provide images of the BIOS memory options I can do that, but I'm hoping this is more straightforward than that.


Appreciate your time.

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