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How do I make iCUE load a specific dpi setting on startup

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I have the Glaive RGB Pro and I am trying to get it to load the 3rd (in the list) dpi setting upon windows start. Right now as it sits it defaults to the lowest dpi setting and I have to increase it manually on the mouse my self every time.


Is there any way I can get windows to load that particular setting by default?

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On 4/11/2021 at 6:52 AM, PrivatePike said:

Hey Cy3berOdyssey i had same question, then just spent another 10 mins looking and found the answer. Click the 3 dots, to the right of Stage 3 in the DPI settings area, and there is a Set as Default option.


Obvious - if you know its there. Doh!

Thank you for this reply, it is simple but new, may not have found it without this post..

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