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P5AD2-E Premium w/ 6400 RAM


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I have just ordered P5AD2-E Premium w/ a 2MB 3.4 and

2 GB of the DDR2 (800) 6400 - 1 GB (2 pcs 512) Corsair RAM.


It'll be run at 1066 in a CAD station which'll stress it pretty hard.


Question I have is will this ram perform better than the 5400 you offer or am I just wasting my money on the faster ram, which may run slower due to the timings?


Should I switch to the 5400? It's not too late yet


Do you have these modules in 1GB? (not pairs of 512)

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Well you will just have to play with the settings but these modules will run great in this MB, just it may not be able to reach the tested settings of 800 MHz. But it may get close. I would used the same settings as our XM2S-5400C4 modules to start with and then tweak the settings to see what you can get. See where it tops out then tweak the timings.
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