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Radiator To Case Screws

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custom loop rad or AIO? what model AIO?


For Corsair custom loop it's M4 thread.

On AIOs it may vary as there's several OEMs for those. Typically it's UNC 6-32 if i'm not mistaken but i'll let the experts answer :)


Also, screw length is measured under the head. 10mm seems a bit long. more likely they'll be shorter, like 6mm.

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6-32 is the fan to radiator, I need just the case to radiator.


10mm was indeed to the top of the head, but there was plenty of those type of screws available so presumed it's a standard.


Didn't find anything below 10mm.


Typical of Corsair if it's a standard unique to them and without them you are stuck!


Meant to say the standard AIO

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case to rad is the same 6-32 thread then, just different length, like 1/4".


It's actually very common for radiators. If you really can't find those american screws, you could try M3.5. on paper it should fit a bit snug (6-32 is like 3.4 to 3.45mm).

Depending on where you live you could try Custom watercooling online stores. They should carry all manners of screws in 6-32.

Some computer case screws are also 6-32, so you may already have what you need loungin' about in your spare parts bin.

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