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Replacing H100i Stock Fans

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I'm thinking about buying replacement fans for my H100i Elite Capellix, as the stock fans are making a loud noise on load.


I'm considering a Noctua NF-F12 or be quiet Silent Wings 3 but not sure how I will connect these to my PC. The pump is already connected to a CPU header so how will I connect these replacement fans, can I use the included hub? If that's right, how will I set up the rpm settings as (afaik) it's not connected to iCue app?


Or there are fans from Corsair that have more performance (airflow) and lower noise than the included fans? RGB isn't really important to me.


Please help, thanks.

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The Commander Core that controls the pump and AIO lighting is also a 6 port PWM fan controller. You can use it with most PWM fans. However, you do need to be somewhat careful with some European spec PWM fans, a group the Noctua and BeQuiet fans are in. It's usually the Industrial Noctuas that have response problems on some of the AIO fan controllers. I just tested a NF-F12 Chromax and a standard A14. Both work as expected in PWM %, Fixed RPM, and the curve. The BeQuiet Silent Wings series are historically a bit more unusual with some strange PWM behavior in general. On the Commander Core my SW3 did fixed PWM % and fixed RPM OK, but were a little slow to respond. On the curve, they eventually do respond but take sometimes 20-30 seconds to adjust. That's really not a problem for fan control and you don't need rapid response. This is also better than the effect on some of the built AIO controllers were neither fan will respond at all.
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I have contacted be quiet! customer service about their fans compatibility with the H100i, and they say it can't be plugged into the Commander Core and thus can't be controlled by iCue. They suggest using a splitter to plug the fans into the CPU fan header. I haven't got a response from Noctua, though.


I remember I have a spare fan from Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, I've checked that the fan support PWM so I plug it into the Commander Core hub but iCue doesn't detect the fan, even after I restart the app and my PC. When I change the H100i stock fan's speed, the Cooler Master fan seems unresponsive at all. TBH I hesitate to buy fans from other brands and be able to control them via iCue.


Let's say that I buy another Corsair fan, maybe an ML140 to replace the rear casing fan, can I plug it into Commander Core, and will it shows up on iCue? Or do I need to buy the twin pack and use the included Lighting Node Pro hub?

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Specific to the Commander Core, you don't need any extra hubs or cables. That one is simple plug and play for both PWM and RGB. The only trick is with mixing different LED count fans on the same device. The Com Core will automatically designate the largest LED count fan as the base. This works fine for static effects, but very dynamic fan to fan patterns like Pong, Infinity, etc. won't look right with mixed LEDs. Combining the 4 LED ML-RGB with the 8 LED ML-Elite from the cooler is a fairly smooth match since both fans have the same LED geometry (center hub lights).


Another option if you really want the BeQuiet PWM fans is to get small PWM repeater hub. This takes 1 PWM signal from the Commander Core and applies it to all the fans on the hub. For whatever reason, this seems to help with compatibility and I have been using the SW3 High Speed PWM off and on for sometime without issue.

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