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Strafe RGB MK.2 Dead After Support Hard Firmware Reset

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I called into support because some of the lights on my Strafe RGB MK.2 were not showing the correct colors, but the keyboard was working otherwise. I tried holding esc and plugging it in a few times before reaching out but that seemed to do nothing - I did not see the keyboard flash as per the instructions nor did the colors change.


Support provided me with firmware that I used to do a hard reset per their instruction. After replacing the firmware with the file from support, my keyboard no longer works at all. I can get to the CRP_DISABLED drive and the USB pass-through works, but nothing else. I replied to support via email but have not heard back in days.


How long is the typical support response? If I don't hear from them soon I will try calling again but I don't want to start another ticket, per the support site instruction. Is there any way for me to recover the previous firmware or at least get the Strafe into a usable condition?




Edit: Called support. Apparently they sent me the wrong firmware. Once I got the correct file for my keyboard, it returned to its previous state. The lights still aren't working correctly but at least I can use it as before I changed out the firmware.

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Hi Ashpool,


Sorry to hear about your experience on this matter.

Human error does on occasion happen - as the firmware issue seems to have proven.

I am glad to hear that the agents offered a resolution to that issue ASAP!


It does sound like a case of a simple dead LED - feel free to PM me with the ticket ID if you have any further issues with support.

Please note that their response turnaround ETA is ~48h for emails.

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