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A500 + RGB Fans

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Can anyone direct me as to what would be a suitable RGB Fan upgrade for the A500 CPU cooler. i can see most fans only get to 1500rpm but my understanding is they neeto go +2000rpm


Im lookinf preferably for ICUE supported fans. cheers

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The ML-RGB replacement fans for the Platinum AIO are a direct replacement. Availability can be tough, but this one you might be able to find on the 3rd party market for a reasonable price.



I would be more tempted by the replacement fan for the current Elite coolers that is the same, but with 8 LEDs (ML Elite). This one is in high demand and will probably be difficult to obtain.



The problem with both of the above is they require a RGB lighting controller, so if you don't already have one, you need that too.




If you don't already have Corsair RGB fans, you are likely better off looking at retail fan kits that come with the required hardware. 120mm fans come in three packs and you can put the third in the rear exhaust. There is no reason you must use a 2000+ rpm fan, just because that is the spec for the included ML fans. If you are not actually running 2000 rpm, then there isn't a benefit. Given the fairly conservative power output from your CPU, you like could use any pair of RGB fans successfully with no meaningful drop in performance. That opens the door to other fans like the QL or HD that might be more visually interesting.

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