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H115i Pro XT - incompatible with Noctua NF-A14 ippc-2000

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The front fans are NF-A14 IPPC-2000, two are made by 2016 and the others are by 2019.


They connect by Y-cable to the pwm from cooling head. The 2019 version was dead and cannot control the RPM, but it's alive when I set 100% in ICUE.


It might the compatible problem with Corsair's cooling head, hope it will be solve by new firmware.

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There are a few select European manufacturer fans that have a PWM incompatibility on Corsair controllers. For most it’s only the Noctua Industrial 3000 rpm version, but on the Platinum/XT this extends to a larger portion of the line with issues reported on Industrial and Redux lines. You might be able to use PWM% for a temporary solution, but since the curves are based on RPM control those will be ineffective and the results tend to be erratic. This is a physical issue and not something that can be addressed through firmware. You need a different controller or different fans.
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The curves work by RPM control but I assume that is also ineffective. PWM % on other Corsair controllers typically does work and the Platinum/XT controller seems to have issue with a larger group of fans. Other popular ones on the list are the EK Vardar and BeQuiet Silent Wings 2/3 series. Edited by c-attack
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