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iCUE forces headset to switch to 8 Channel mode


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I own a Corsair Virtuoso RGB headset and when I try to use it coupled with iCue software, every time I restart the headset iCue makes the Virtuoso switch to 8 Channel mode even though auto audio repositioning and 7.1 sound are disabled in the software.


I say software forces this because I have tried restarting my headset on 2 computers including mine with iCue completely uninstalled.


The funny thing is after I have manually switched back to 2 Channel mode from sound settings from Windows, the 8 channel option completely disappears.


Things I have tried:


Updating all drivers.


A clean installation of Windows.


Testing on another computer.


Completely uninstalling Corsair & Virtuoso-related drivers and software.


https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033489511-Fix-Corsair-headset-sound-issues-after-the-Windows-10-build-1903-update-or-an-iCUE-software-update and everything here.


As I have said before, this issue only persists when iCue is installed, therefore, an iCue related issue.


Please provide me with a fix so I can use my premium items with all the features they come with like RGB, EQ, mic control, and so on.


Please find related screenshots in the attached files.






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