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ll120 RGB not working

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Hello, i have 4 LL120 fans installed on a lightning node pro. All installed at the right way in ICUE. And all software updates installed. Last year i got a problem where the fans didnt light up ( i think only 2 fans ). I searched on google and found a solution that u need to reconnect in a different order until they work. And that worked for me. Now i have the exact same problem and i tried to reconnect the rgb cables but i managed to get 2 fans fully lid up all working and 2 arent working right now. Right now i have 1 and 2 working, but when i plug in three it doesnt light up, and when i plug in the other fan at 3 it doesnt light up aswell.


Thanks for reading and i hope to find a solution.

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Re-arranging the fans is not so much a solution as a troubleshooting step for identifying which fan is causing the problem. Because the LEDs act as a series circuit, a bad spot on fan #2 will cause problems for the LEDs on the fans 3 and 4 after. At this point, you should probably try each fan by itself in the #1 slot make sure each fan is working properly.


If they all check out OK, it is possible the RGB Lighting Hub has a fault and that is part of the circuit as well. You then start adding fans out, 1-2-3 to see if the lighting is working. If you get to a fan that does not turn on, swap another one into its place. A bad hub port will prevent all fans from working in that slot.


It's likely either way you may need some replacement parts. I would contact contact Corsair Support now. The Support Ticket System link is in the header above.

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