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RGB profiles without icue on?

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I have this idea of running as less backgrounds programs as possible so i have this problem with my K70 RGB.

In iCUE i can save lighting profiles on the boards memory.

Doesnt that mean that i can shut down iCUE and use the button on the KB to use those profiles i saved on the board?

Because if i shut down iCUE i can only switch between 3 standard factory profiles.

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It means you have not actually saved your Hardware Lighting effects and Hardware Lighting Actions to the keyboard. It is showing what is currently saved in the 3 slots. That also means you likely have a K70 RGB MK.2. That last part of the model number is relevant and earlier K70 RGB boards don’t save in the same way or can’t save at all depending on how far back you go.
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I just received my K70 RGB and setup iCUE for the first time. Having never seen or used iCUE before I can say that even after watching the video provided by Corsair, it skipped a few steps needed to save a profile to the keyboard. Here are the steps I used to create 3 static lighting effects and saved them to the keyboard. I hope this helps others in the future. When you open iCUE click on your keyboard at the top. Then go to "Lighting Effects" and change color or effect to what you want. Then go to "Hardware Lighting" and verify color or effect is correct and change if needed. Then go to "Onboard Profiles" and choose one of the profiles listed. Click on it and if is already in use you can choose to Delete or Overwrite the saved profile and replace with yours. This has worked for me and hope it works for others. The software is incredible as to what it can do, but it is NOT intuitive to use or how to figure out how to use. The keyboard by the way is fantastic in its build and quality. Well done Corsair.
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