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Case fans are not showing in iCUE

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I have a Corsair Crystal 570X case that I have installed 6 LL120 fans into (3 in the front, 2 attached to a Corsair h100iv2, and 1 rear exhaust) that I am having trouble with. They are all working properly and the RGB cycles through in order but I can no longer find them using the iCUE software and therefore I cannot control the RGB for.

I first noticed the issue once I removed the little controller that was at towards the back and on the back side of the case (thinking this only allowed controls through the case itself with the buttons on top.)


I have a commander pro as well but I never installed it as I did not need it prior to having this issue once I removed the controller that was pre-installed.

(I was also trying to minimize cables in the case as I have an NZXT HUE+ and an extra USB hub inside the case.


My main question is would removing the pre-installed fan controller have caused an issue where iCUE can no longer detect any devices in my PC (6 LL120 fans along with an h100i)


iCUE is up to date as well on update 3.37.140


Thanks for any insight.

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Thank you for the reply. I have them connected to a lighting node pro and I also have a corsair fan hub connected as well.

Maybe I am confused on how these work together but I have all 6 LL120 fans plugged into the Corsair RGB fan hub and then I also have the RGB Lighting controller with SATA power and 1 RGB connection in channel 1 I believe.

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